26 iun. 2014


I gave a dry laugh. 'Indeed, Reginald. Indeed you are. What you did is a corruption of everything I believe, and do you know why? You did it not with the application of our ideals but with deceit. How can we inspire belief when what we have in our hearts is lies?'
He shook his head disgustedly. 'Oh,come on, that's naive rubbish. I'd have expected it of you as a young Adept, but now? During a war, you do what you can to secure victory. It's what you do with that victory that counts.'
'No. We must practice what we preach. Otherwise, our words are hollow.' (pag. 364)

(Haytham Kenway & Reginald Birch)

(Oliver Bowden - " Assasin's Creed - Forsaken")

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