23 mar. 2010

Living a holy life

Clearly, God considers living a life of holiness to be extreamly important. Dr. M. R. DeHaan, a famous radio Bible teachear, used a helpful illustration to communicate the value of holiness. A bar of steel worth $5 can yield any of the following: If it is made into horseshoes, it will be worth $10. If it is made into needles, the value becomes $350. If it is made into delicate springs for expensive watches, it will yield $250,000. We are like that $5 bar of steel. Our commitment to holiness will determine whether we become Christians of minimal, moderate, or significant spiritual influence.
We cannot become holy through self-effort but only through the power of the Holy Spirit.
(Bill Bright - Discover the Book God wrote - pag. 176)

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  1. Powerful and soul touching ...
    How about being a C.W.A.V. starting from today?
    Probably you are asking yourself now what is a CWAV??? Well it just plain and simple ... Christian with added value!!!