16 mar. 2010


The great reformer John Calvin observed: 
” Faith is not a distant view, but a warm embrace, of Christ, by which he dwells in us, and we are filled with the Divine Spirit.” I like this definiton because it balances the intelectual and relational sides of faith. Faith is more than mental agreement with God; it assumes a beautiful and warm relationship with Christ. We do not merely believe in Him; we cling to Him. We began our Christian life through faith in Christ; we live our spiritual life by walking in faith.
Faith is the key to our spiritual development. The Bible tells us: ” Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God...” (Romans 10:17,NKJV). The Bible changes our lives because it feeds and challenges our faith. And when we exercise that faith, we see the power of God.
(Bill Bright - Discover the Book God wrote - pag. 151)
*NKJV - The New King James Version of the Bible  

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  1. imi place foarte mult ideea...but it is so hard to have faith and when you have it, to keep it...