7 iul. 2014

...silence of love...

'So I thought. This is twice now I have been most impressed by the gallantry of your actions.'
'Then it is on two occasions that I have been pleased you were there to witness it.'
'You interest me, Mr. Kenway. And your own interest in me has not gone unremarked.'
I stayed silent. And we walked for a while. And even though no words were spoken there was meaning in our silence. As though we acknowledged our feelings for each other. I felt the closeness of her riding boot. Above the heat and scent of the horse, I thought I could smell the powder she wore. Never before had I been so aware of a person, of the nearness of a person. (pag. 49)

(Edward Kenway & Caroline Scott)

(Oliver Bowden - " Assasin's Creed - Black Flag")

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