28 mai 2014


"Do you concentrate on painting?" asked Ezio, thinking of the diversity he'd seen in the studio.
Leonardo looked thoughtful. "That's a hard question. To tell the truth, I'm finding it difficult to settle down to anything, now I'm on my own. I adore painting, and I know I can do it, but... somehow I can see the end before I get there, and that makes it hard to finish things sometimes. I have to be pushed! But that's not all. I often feel that my work lacks... I don't know... purpose. Does that make any sense?"
"You should have more faith in yourself, Leonardo," said Maria.
"Thank you, but there are moments when I think I'd rather do more practical work, work that has a direct bearing on life. I want to understand life - how it works, how everything works."
"Then you would have to be one hundred men in one." said Ezio.
"If only I could be! I know what I want to explore: architecture, anatomy, engineering even. I don't want to capture the world with my brush, I want to change it!" (pag.45)

(Ezio &Maria Auditore + Leonardo DaVinci)

(Oliver Bowden - " Assasin's Creed - Renaissance")

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